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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

The Two Factor Authentication (2FA) allows users to add an additional level of security in order to access their Veem account.

How it works

When 2FA is enabled on the account, an additional code will be required to log in. A code will be sent, depending on the type of 2 FA chosen. There are 2 types of authentication offered namely: 


  • Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP): This is an app-based code to times out after 30 seconds. A new code is generated after every 30 seconds thus, users need to use the code generated to log in before it expires. Click here to learn more about TOTP.
  • SMS Text Messaging: This is an SMS-based authentication that sends a code straight to the phone number used for clients to use when logging in. This option is available to clients located in all the countries currently supported by Veem.  Click here to learn more about SMS Two-factor Authentication. 


Start the setup:

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