What is a Pay Link?

A Pay Link is a personalized URL that clients can use and share with their payers in order to receive payments online.

All the payer (i.e., the person receiving the link) has to do is click on the link, fill in the amount they want to send, and follow the remaining steps as outlined on the web page to submit the payment. 

It is a very convenient and versatile payment method offered on Veem for both senders and receivers. This feature is customizable and intuitive and can be tailored to fit the business needs to allow easy, fast, and secure payments. 

Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 8.13.52 PM

Some advantages of using a pay link include:

  • An easier way to onboard: Clients can simply share this link with multiple customers at a time via any preferred method i.e. text message, email, and other social networks.
  • Cross-Border Payments: The link can be shared internationally, and clients can receive money in any currency supported by Veem.
  • Customizable: Clients can modify the link to suit their business and brand. This includes full control over background color and/or business description. 
  • Flexibility: In the portal, payers can enter any amount they'd like to send via bank transfer, credit, or Debit Card— even if the invoicer (payee) does not have a merchant account.
  • Easy Integration: The Pay Link can be added to invoices and websites outside Veem for quick access.
  • It simplifies the process: It makes it easier for both users and represents an opportunity to close more sales quickly and efficiently.


NOTE: Clients may be required to set up a Veem account to complete sending payments using this feature. 


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