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Veem Transfer Guidelines

While Veem would love to process every payment on Earth, we are a financial services company that must abide by the regulations of the countries in which we operate. Unfortunately, there are some situations we may not be able to accommodate:

Business Payments Only

Veem may only be used for business payments. We are not able to process person-to-person or remittance payments.

For goods or services

In general, payments must be for the exchange of goods or services. There are certain situations where Veem may require further information on transactions or deny the use of our service entirely.

  • If the purpose for payment is unclear, Veem may request a copy of invoices or service contracts to clarify.
  • Payments to 1099 contractors qualify as business payments and are permitted.
  • Inter-company payments are allowed if the two entities are separate.
    • For example, a company based in the U.S. transferring to a foreign subsidiary would be allowed.
  • Veem is not permitted to process payments for "money businesses". This includes lending, escrow, securities, and collections.
  • Payroll to employees is prohibited.

No Intermediaries

  • The named entities on each side of the transaction must be the original source and final destination of the funds. Funds may not pass through an intermediary.
  • All funds must originate from the sender’s bank account and be received at the receiver’s bank account.

No Illegal Goods or Services

We are not able to process payments for goods and services that are illegal in the jurisdictions we serve.

  • If the business activity is unclear, Veem will perform an enhanced review to determine the business's acceptability. 
  • Veem cannot service any illegal drug, online pharmacy, or marijuana industry payments.

See the Acceptable Business Policy and List of Countries we serve.

If you are unsure about whether or not your business is eligible to use Veem, our friendly Customer Success team is ready to answer all of your questions. 

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