What does the Veem-Xero bill pay app do?

Veem is the easiest way to manage your business payments. Whether you’re sending money internationally or right next door, Veem is the most efficient and cost-effective platform for you to handle your client's payables.

Veem's Xero integration will allow you to:

  1. Send or receive bills created in Xero.
  2. Pay securely with varied permissions and multiple approvals.
  3. Manage multiple clients by automating reconciliation between platforms.

When you pay a bill in Veem, the app will:

  • Set the accounts payable entry as ‘paid’ and update the real exchange rate on the bill payment.
  • Add the Veem ID to the Bill Payment and the Xero bank reconciliation report.
  • Automatically debit funds from the bank account and pay the supplier.


To get started sign up for a Veem account here and connect your Xero account.

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