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Veem Wallet Funding Update

This article is to update you that the Veem Wallet is now able to be self-funded.

What changed?

Veem clients are now able to fund their Veem wallets!


How much is the current fee for Funding the Veem wallet?

Currently, there's no fee that will be charged when funding the Veem wallet using your debit card. More updates coming soon.


When will this feature be live?

The change is live as of Thursday, January 26th, 2023.


How does this feature work?

This option can be used when the client needs to add funds to their Veem wallet to either store or use to send a payment on Veem or withdraw funds to their bank account of choice. The client needs to add an active debit card in order to add funds to their wallets. 

NOTE: -The types of debit cards currently supported on Veem for sending payments and funding the wallet are business Visa and business and personal MasterCard.

           - The wallet needs to be activated/enabled first before utilizing this feature.


How do I enable the Veem wallet?

Click here to learn how you can set up/enable your Veem wallet.


How can I fund the Veem wallet?

Click here to learn how you can fund your Veem wallet.


Is the Veem wallet accessible in every country?

The Veem Wallet is available to all countries serviced by Veem except Brazil, Russia, and Belarus.


Are these payments processed in real time?

Payments processed to debit cards and Veem wallets are real-time payments.


Is there a maximum on the total amount being transferred?

Currently, there is no maximum amount or a cap on the number of payments that can be processed to the Veem wallet. 


Can funds be stored in local currencies in the Veem wallet?

The Veem wallet can only store funds in USD currently. To see the value of your wallet's balance in another currency, see this article.


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