What are Veem Pay Direct (formerly claimless) Payments?

Discover Veem Pay Direct, formerly known as Claimless Payments. Explore how this feature enables automatic fund deposits into a first-time payee's bank account without the need for a Veem account, streamlining payment acceptance.

Since Payees (recipient, vendor, supplier, receiver, etc.) don't need an account, Veem requires more information upfront in order to verify the recipient and deposit the funds to their bank account. 

Some transactions may require further validation of the receiver, and will not be eligible as a claimless payment. Claimless payments must be sent in the recipient’s local currency. Individuals in China receiving CNY are not eligible for Claimless Payments.

For a walkthrough on how to send a Claimless Payment, see the How to pay direct a contact (formerly Claimless)

Disclaimer: Claimless Payments are not a guarantee if a recipient is on any sanctions match list.


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