What is Veem Guest Pay?

Veem Guest Pay is a feature enabling active users to get paid by off-network partners.

Guest Pay allows off-network payers to easily claim invoices sent to them from a Veem user. Those off-network payers have the benefit of choosing to either join the Veem network to complete the transaction on the platform OR send money as a guest with no sign-up necessary. 

Veem will provide the off-network payer with all their local banking details so they can pay the invoice through their local bank if they choose to do so. See sample image:

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 8.00.38 PM

Guest Pay is only available as long as the payer is in a sending country and it has to be a currency we can send out of that country.


NOTE: Clients are not required to sign up for this feature.

  Currently, the Guest Pay feature is not available for payers located in Canada.


Click here, for a complete list of the countries where Guest Pay is available.

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