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What is Plaid and how does it work with Veem?

Plaid is a financial integration tool used by Veem to streamline the account creation process.

When signing up for your Veem account, you can connect your bank account using Plaid allowing the easy transfer of basic information required by Veem including routing and account numbers, SWIFT codes, IBAN codes, sort codes, and bank account information.

As a customer you don't need to find this information on your own, Plaid already provides it. Verification of your Veem account is completed faster and you're ready to start sending payments right away. 

To connect to Plaid during sign-up, click continue when you see the image below.


Search and select your bank, then enter the same user ID and password you use to log in to your banking portal.

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Once you have logged in to your banking portal, select the account you would like connected to Veem, and you're done!

You can choose to add your banking details manually at this point in the sign-up as well by clicking "Enter bank information manually"


Alternatively, if you'd like to connect with Plaid and already have a Veem account, go to Settings> Send Payment, and click "Connect with Plaid".

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 10.02.40 AM

From here, follow the steps above to continue connecting your Veem account with Plaid. 


Still, need help? You can chat or call our Customer Success team here.