How to Receive a Payment as a Guest - “Guest Receive”

For first-time Payees that would prefer not to sign up for a Veem account to accept the payment; they can opt to receive the payment as a guest instead.

To receive the payment as a guest, also known as "Guest Receive," please follow the steps below:

Step 1: In the email notification from Veem informing you about the payment and asking to accept their payment, please click on the option to "Claim Payment as Guest."

Step 2: Thereafter, on the next page, please click "Continue."

Step 3: Then, on the next page, you can select the option that best applies to you. 

  1. Business ~ This option is for registered corporations, LLCs, non-profits, and partnerships. 
  2. Individual ~ This option is for sole proprietors, contractors, and freelancers. 
Step 4: You'll then be required to provide a few details such as:
  • Country
  • Business Address
  • Business Name
  • Type of Business
Note: This information may depend on the option chosen above.

Step 5: Next, please enter your personal information into the required fields. The required information includes:

  • Legal First Name
  • Legal Last Name
  • Phone Number
Note: This information may differ based on the country you're in.

Step 6: On the next page, please add your banking information. You can do this by signing in to your banking portal using Plaid or entering your information manually.

Note: Based on your country, you may see options to add Swift code, Sort code, bank code, branch code, transit code, IBAN, etc.

: Please DO NOT click on the “Accept Payment” option in the email. This option is for clients who would like to sign up for an account to accept their payment.

That's it! 

Still need help? You can chat or call our Customer Success team here.