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Two-Factor Authentication Update | For Xero Integrations

The security policy of Xero accounting software requires all users to integrate their Xero account with Veem to set up and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on their Veem account.

This security requirement provides an extra layer of protection for your account and financial data. Furthermore, this option prevents unauthorized users from accessing your account, even with your login credentials.


When will this be required?

July 15th, 2022


What two-factor authentication options does Veem offer?

Veem offers multiple ways to enable 2FA:

  • RECOMMENDED! Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP):
    TOTP uses an external mobile app that generates unique codes every 30 seconds. These time-based passwords are an industry best-practice approach to multi-factor authentication. You can use any authentication app with your Veem account. Click here to learn more about authenticator apps.
  • SMS Text Messaging: Veem also offers an SMS-based authentication that sends a unique code directly to your phone number when you log into your account. This option is only available to clients located in these countries: US.


How to enable two-factor authentication?

Enabling 2FA is simple to do in your Veem settings. Click here to learn how to enable two-factor authentication.


Does Veem offer the option of a trusted device? 

Yes, Veem will offer an option to trust the device for 30 days.


Why is Veem enforcing this now?

Veem continuously evaluates and strengthens its data security protocols and adheres to our technology parpartners'quirements to maintain our data integrations. Xero has now mandated that their integration partners enforce 2FA to continue data sharing with their platform.

What will happen if I don't enable  2FA on time?

After June 28th, a prompt to enable the 2FA will pop up when you log in next. 


Can I disable the 2FA after enabling it?

While Xero is connected the option to remove  2FA is disabled. However, you will have the option to disable the 2FA if you remove the integration connection with Xero on your Veem account. 


Will this requirement affect my access to my Veem account?

Yes, you will not be able to log into your Veem account. 


Will this be required from the owner of the account only or from all users? 

Once 2FA is enabled on the account, all users on the account will have 2FA enabled.


What role or permissions do I need to set up 2FA?

The user(s) with access to settings will need to enable the 2FA on the account for all the other users.


If I log in with SSO (Intuit/Google), do I still need to enable the 2FA?

In this case, you will not be required to enable 2FA.


What other recommendations do you have for me to secure my Veem account?

Click here to review our recommendations.


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