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How to Protect your Veem Account

At Veem we take security seriously. By making a few simple changes to your devices and accounts, you can maintain security against outside parties’ unwanted attempts to access your data as well as protect your privacy.

 Here are some steps and recommendations that can further assist with protecting your account and making it more secure.

Step 1: Use the Veem tools to secure your account:

  • Two-factor Authentication: 2FA prevents any unwanted access to the account even if the password is compromised.  
  • SSO Login (Google, Intuit): Reduce the risk of losing the password and add additional security layers that are used with the SSO provider. Keep in mind this feature will not work with the Veem 2FA. 
  • Add multiple users: There is no limit to how many users can be added to the Veem account. Veem strongly recommended not sharing the access for one user but actually adding users with the needed permissions. 
  • Email notifications: Veem sends emails for every transaction on the account to the primary email address and to any user with the permission settings to receive email notifications.

Step 2: Do a security check:

  • On your Login credentials:
      • Create a strong, complex, and unique password.
      • Don’t share your credential with anyone.
      • Update your password regularly.
      • Step up 2FA.
  • On your account:
      • Remove any unnecessary users from your account.
      • Give the appropriate permissions to users.
      • Make sure to add monitored communication methods to your account.
      • Monitor your email inbox.
      • Do not open email messages from unknown parties, and never click on links or open attachments that accompany them.
      • Forward any suspicious emails related to Veem to cybersecurity@veem.com.
  • On your device:
    • Always use a secure private network. 
    • Make sure your browser and software are up to date.
    • Remove any app extensions that are of unknown source or unused. 
    • Clear your browsing history regularly. 


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