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Set up accountant/Bookkeeper Dashboard

To get started, accountants/bookkeepers should first set up the Accountant Dashboard. Watch the video or follow the steps below to learn how to do this:

Step 1: To begin the sign-up process, please visit the accountant page at this link: https://www.veem.com/accountants/

Note: If you choose not to use Intuit or Google to create your account, you will be asked to create and confirm a password for your Veem account.

Step 2: You will be prompted to set up 2FA for enhanced security. If you prefer, you can skip this step and complete it at a later time.

2FA set up

Step 3: Select "Accounting Firm" as the type of account you want to create.


On this page, you will need to provide the following details:

  • Legal Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Tax ID number
  • Business Name

Step 4: Tell Us About Your Business

Simply choose your answer from the drop-down options.


Step 5: Lastly, select your preferred method of getting started, whether it's by accessing the Accountant Dashboard or the Business Dashboard.

That's it! Clients also have the option to invite their Accountants/Bookkeepers on Veem and seamlessly add them to their accounts as users. This makes it incredibly convenient to manage their accounts and transactions with ease.


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