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How to Invite Clients to Veem as an Accountant/Bookkeeper

With Veem, bookkeepers and/or accountants users also have the option to invite/add client(s) that they would like to manage on Veem. To learn how to do this, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sign in to the Accountant/Bookkeeper account and invite the client through the ‘Invite a Client’ feature.

My Veem

Step 2: Add the client's information and the client's email address. 

      • If you are looking to set up your client account first before inviting the client, then reach out to partners@veem.com 

Step 3: The client will need to accept the invitation, create a password, allow the accountant to manage users, and enable the accountant to complete the setup. The accountant will then receive an email to join the client account and complete the setup. Here are the steps the client will see:

Your accountant Afnan from Demo Account is inviting you to use Veem to send,

Account activatedNext steps

  • The accountant will receive an invite by email. Click on “Activate account” The accountant will then go through the steps of setting up the account with the required information.



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