Complete your Business Account Setup

Your account is completed and you have a payment in progress. Your account will go through Veem's internal verification process. The verification process might take a few hours and up to 1 business day.

In the meantime, completing the following will ensure a smooth payment process.

  • Beneficial ownership information and key persons: this is an additional step that will be required once the account setup is completed. Please add at least one control person and one authorized signer.
      • Business Owner details
      • Authorized signer: This is the person that is authorized to sign agreements on behalf of the business.
      • Control person: This is the top executive or manager of the business. Common titles are Chief Executive Officer and President.


  • Provide the documents below by uploading them to your Veem account
      • Business Registration
      • Bank statement 
      • National identification (a government-issued Photo ID card) belonging to the Veem account owner


Still need help? Review our help articles or reach out to the support team here.