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Getting Started - Individuals, Contractors, and Sole Proprietor Account Information

This guide describes how to set up an account for individuals (contractors and Sole proprietorships) on Veem. Before you start the account setup process, review our Acceptable Use Policy, and then gather the following information:

  • Email address for the account: Emails are the unique identifiers for accounts. This email address will be used for email notifications, Veem support, and verification team requests. It is important that this email is monitored and preferably includes the business domain. 


  • Personal information: This information will be used to verify your identity. You will need to provide a full legal name, Phone number, date of birth, last 4 digits of your national identification number (SSN, SIN,...),  residence country, address, account type (Contractor, Sole Proprietorship), and industry.


  • Funding and receiving account information: These accounts are the payment methods you want to use for your payables and the accounts you want to receive payments into. You can always add or update the accounts you want to have access to later on.
    • Bank account: Available to all countries to receive or send payments. Click here for a list of countries and available currencies. This is required to set up the account in most countries.
    • Debit Card: Available for payers located in the countries supported by Veem to send payments.
    • Credit Card: Available for Payers located in the countries supported by Veem to send payments.
    • Instant Deposit: Receiving payments to the debit card instantly.


Once you have all the information above, then you can start the setup process. There are two parts to the setup process. First is setting up your account, and second is sending an invoice to your customer.