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Getting Started as an Accountant/Bookkeeper

It is more apparent now than ever that bookkeepers and/or accountants play a vital role in managing and stabilizing businesses, which includes tracking debits and credits. 

With Veem, clients can easily provide their accountants with full access to the account.

Some of the information that accountants/bookkeepers need to have before starting to set up the accountant dashboard and setting up the clients include:

  • Your email address: This email is going to be used for direct communication from the Veem support team.
  • The client's email address: This email will be used to set up your client account and used for support contact and system notifications: 
    • If you would like to set up the client account before inviting the client, reach out to partners@veem.com 
    • For accountants that add the client's email address, the client will need to accept the invite from the email address and then the accountant will be able to complete the setup of the client's account on Veem. 
  • The client's business information: this information is dependent on the setup of the client's account.
    • Country
    • Business Address
    • Business Name
    • Type of Business
    • TIN/EIN/Tax ID
    • Business registration document(s)
  • The client bank information: this will be used to process payments
    • Bank Country
    • Bank Name
    • Bank Currency
    • Bank Routing Number/Transit code
    • Bank Account Number
    • Bank statement
  • Client Personal information: This will be used to contact the client. 
    • Legal First Name
    • Legal Last Name
    • Phone Number
  • Beneficial ownership information
    • Beneficial Owner details
    • Authorized signer
    • Control person


Once you have all the information above, then you can start the setup process.



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