Brazil Payments Best Practices

Payments sent to Brazil have specific requirements for processing. To avoid delays and ensure a smooth transaction for BR payments, please review the criteria below:

Preparing an Invoice

  • An invoice is required for payments of USD $3000.00 or more
  • ‘Bill to’ - This name must match the legal Business Name of the payer   
  • ‘Beneficiary/Payee’ - This name must match the name as registered with the National Registry in Brazil (for Businesses) or the individual name (as per on the bank statement)
    • If Business - Beneficiary Name on Veem must correspond to the bank account associated with CNPJ tax ID details
    • Individual - Beneficiary Name on Veem must correspond to the bank account associated with CPF tax ID details
  • Include a detailed description of the Purpose of the Payment
  • The due date included in the invoice should not be too close. We need a few (2-5) business days to verify and process the payment once the invoice is accepted.
  • The invoice amount must match the payment amount 

‘Purpose of Payment’ Code

In order to process payments to Brazil, a country-specific ‘Purpose of Payment’ code is required. This must be selected at the time of payment creation from the drop-down option menu. The following are the acceptable codes.

  • Architecture and Engineering Services
  • Legal Services
  • Other Technical or Administrative Services
  • Computing Services
  • Tourism Services
  • Financial Services
  • Audiovisual Related Services
  • Publicity and Marketing Services
  • Purchase of Goods
  • Purchase of Other Services

**Please note that including the respective POP code in the invoice details followed by a detailed description of the reason for payment enables prompt validation and successful payment processing.


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