How to Submit Payments/Invoices to your Virtual Assistant - Platinum Plan

Once you've added your virtual assistant user and set up your approvals, the last thing to do is use whichever email platform you prefer to send your payments and invoices to: We'll take it from there.

For Veem to successfully process payments for you, we need you to provide some payment-specific information. When sending a vendor or client invoice to us, please make sure that it includes the following details…

  • Client email address
  • Country
  • Currency
  • Amount
  • Purpose of payment and description
  • Type - Payment or Invoice 

If this information is unavailable in the invoice you are sending us, please provide it in the email. 

If you’d like the payment sent “Pay Direct,” which means that it will be sent directly to your client's bank account, with no action required on their end, you’ll need to provide all the following information. If not, they will be emailed and prompted to provide the information required to Veem.

  • Recipient contact details
      • Business name (Not required when paying an Individual) 
      • Phone number
      • Legal First Name
      • Legal Last Name
      • Business address
  • Recipient bank details
    • Bank Country
    • Bank name
    • Routing number (ACH / Electronic)
    • Bank account number

*Please note that the bank information required can differ from country to country. 

Once your invoice or payment information has been sent to Veem, please allow 2 hours for your virtual assistant to create your payment, and it will be sent to you for approval.

*Please note that Veem only offers an approval workflow for sending payments. Any invoices created by Veem's Virtual Assistant will not be sent to you for approval. 

Would you still like some help? You can chat or email our Customer Success team here.