Limited-Time Promotional Veem Credit

Veem is running a limited-time promotional credit for select customers where you can receive a credit when you send or request your next payment using our platform.

How much is the limited-time promotional Veem credit?

The limited-time promotional Veem credit value is $250 for all eligible customers. Only one credit will be allowed per user. Additional transactions will not qualify for additional credits.


When does the promotion start/end?

This limited-time promotional Veem credit is only being offered to a specific set of customers, starting on February 1st, 2024. Eligible customers will only receive the credit on eligible transactions completed by February 29th, 2024.


How do I qualify for this limited-time promotional Veem credit?

Right now, this promotion is only being offered to a select group of customers. Eligible customers will have been notified in the application after login.


Do I need to take any action to get the $250 Veem credit?

Yes. Eligible customers must send a payment, request a payment, or create an invoice of $1000 USD or more or its equivalent in foreign currency to receive the promotional credit. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive a $250 Veem credit in your Wallet in the next 30 days.


Have more questions?

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