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The funds have arrived in your bank account

The delivery times for payments may vary depending on the origin and destination of the payment, as well as your bank's policies on fund crediting. Occasionally, it may take your bank additional time to process the funds into your bank account after Veem has credited them.

For users making their first payment through Veem, it is important to note that there may be an additional delay of 1 business day for verification purposes by the receiving bank.

If your bank is situated in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Serbia, or Colombia, it is possible that your bank may require additional declaration documents. We kindly suggest reaching out to your receiving bank to obtain the necessary documents and submit them accordingly.

Veem bases your payment status on the standard expected delivery time. If you have not received your payment within one business day of the estimated date or completion status of your payment,  please reach out to clientservices@veem.com and we would be happy to help further.