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We are transfering funds from the payer's account to Veem

Veem is currently in the process of waiting for funds to be transferred from the payer's account to Veem's account.

If you are seeing this message it is because Veem is currently waiting for the sender to transfer the funds from their bank account to Veem. Once this is initiated by the sender, it generally takes 1 business day for the funds to land in Veems bank account. Veem cannot begin the crediting process until this step is taken.

Once Veem receives the funds, we will begin the process of sending the credit to the receiver, and they should receive the funds within 1-5 business days, depending on their location. Funds being received to the Veem Wallet or via Instant Deposit should be received within 2 hours of the credit being initiated. 

If you need more information or any help about sending a payment from your bank account to Veem, please view the help article HERE.