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What is Veem’s Secured Rate?

What is Veem’s Secured Rate?

Upon submitting your payment, you are guaranteed the Veem secured rate for 7 calendar days, protecting you from unexpected market volatility.  


If you have questions, please reach out to client services by email at clientservices@veem.com.


Are there any exceptions where the guaranteed rate no longer applies?

The rate is no longer guaranteed if: (1) there are insufficient funds in your bank account, (2) your bank did not process the payment to Veem, and/or (3) the payment instructions provided are not valid.


How many payments can I set up with a guaranteed rate?

You can set up an unlimited number of payments, each will have its own specific Veem Secured Rate which is guaranteed for 7 calendar days.


What if the rate changes significantly in that time, or the rate is unstable?

For any transfers with a Veem secured rate, there's a 3% rate limit. If the rate changes by 3% or more during the guaranteed rate period, we reserve the right to cancel and refund your transfer — we’ll send the money back to the account it came from.