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USD Abroad Fee Coverage

Payers have greater control and flexibility on how to manage the USD abroad fee. Payers will be able to easily change the USD abroad fee to be paid by either the sender or receiver in your Veem preferences and payment process.

A fee of either $29 or $40, will be charged depending on the amount being sent, however, all countries are now included. For more information, review the FAQ below:


What's changing and why?

Payers now have the ability to change who will be charged the USD abroad fee of either $29 or $40, either the sender or the receiver. Veem wants to continue to provide control to our users and transparency of which party is paying the abroad fee.  


When will this change be effective?

The change will take effect automatically on February 15, 2022.


How does this work?

Read this article here to learn how to set your fee payment preference globally and on each payment.


What will my receiver now see as the message?

There aren't any changes to what the receiver will see as the USD abroad fee by default applies to the payee. If you, as the payer, choose to pay the USD abroad fee your receiver will not see the fee. 


Can I split the fee with the receiver?

The USD abroad fee cannot be split between the receiver and sender. 


What countries does this affect?

All countries are now subject to the USD abroad fee. Countries, where the USD abroad fee was previously waived, will now be included in this fee. These countries include Ukraine, Nepal, and Ecuador.


What if I had been billed manually for the USD abroad fees?

If you have been invoiced monthly for the USD abroad fees, (after February 15, 2022) you will no longer accrue the fees for billing. You will need to set your fee preference in your account settings to pay the fee for all USD abroad transactions. Read this article here to learn how to set your fee payment preference globally and on each individual transaction.


What if I have other questions regarding this fee and my account?

For more information and elaboration, please feel free to your Account Manager, contact Customer Service here, or visit our Help Center here to find answers to other questions.