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FAQ Two-Factor Authentication - Text message

Text message 2 FA is one of Veem's available 2FA options used to enhance account security. 

What is text message 2 FA?

Text message 2 FA (also known as SMS 2FA) is a type of authentication that often involves sending a short one-time password (OTP) to the user's registered phone number via text message, to enhance account security. The account user is required to enter the one-time password during the log-in process to gain access to their account.


How does it work?

With SMS 2FA, the account user is required to enter the one-time password delivered via SMS (short message service, or a text message) during the log-in process as an extra security step, to gain access to their account i.e.:

1. User enters their email address and password

2. User receives an SMS with a one-time password

3. User enters the password in the log-in form

4. User gains access to the account.

Why is it useful?

SMS-Based Two-Factor Authentication is an option to use to secure your account as it does not require your phone to be connected to the internet.


Where to find Veem's code? 

Veem's OTP will be sent to the client's phone number via SMS (text message)


What other options are available? 

To learn about other 2FA options that Veem offers, click here.


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