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Two-Factor Authentication Update | For Veem Wallet Holder

Clients with the Veem wallet activated on their accounts are now required to have the 2-factor authentication enabled as well. This is due to our increased security measures to enhance the safety of these accounts.

What is 2-FA?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a specific type of authentication method that strengthens the access security of your account by adding an extra layer of security to verify your identity, in order to access your account.


How Does It Work?

This feature usually needs to be verified with something in your personal possession — such as your phone — in addition to your normal username and password. Depending on your location and on the method you'll opt to use, a code will be sent to you and you'll be required to add it, before accessing the account.


When will this be required?

From September 8th, 2022


What two-factor authentication options does Veem offer?

Veem currently offers 2 options:

  • Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP): This is an app-based code whereby the code will be available in the app. A new code is generated after every 30 seconds thus, users need to use the code generated to log in before it expires. To learn how to set up and enable 2FA on your Veem account using this option, click here.
  • SMS Text Messaging: This is an SMS-based authentication option that sends a code straight to the phone number used for clients to use when logging in. To learn how to set up and enable 2FA on your Veem account using this option, click here.


Why is Veem enforcing this now?

Veem is continuously evaluating and strengthening its data security protocols to ensure the safety of these accounts.

What will happen if I don’t enable the 2FA on time?

After September 8th, you will not be able to access your Veem account. A prompt message requesting for you to enable the 2FA will pop up when you log in.


Can I disable the 2FA after enabling it?

While the Veem Wallet is active, the option to remove  2FA is disabled. However, you will have the option to disable the 2FA if you opt to deactivate the Veem wallet.


Will this requirement affect my access to my Veem account?

Yes, you will not be able to log into your Veem account. 


Will this be required from the owner of the account only or from all users? 

Once 2FA has been enabled all users on the account will have 2FA enabled.


Does it matter what role or permissions you have to set up 2FA?

The user with access to settings/send payments will need to enable the 2FA on the account for all the other users.


I log in with SSO (Intuit/Google). Do I still need to enable the 2FA?

Yes, you'll still be required to enable 2FA.


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