How to Expedite a Payment

Unfortunately, Veem does not offer an expedited function for international payments at this time. However, there are a few things you can do to help speed up the payment process. 

  1. Add your payee as a contact in your network prior to sending your first payment.
  2. When sending a payment to a new recipient, enter their banking information for them (if you have their permission to do so).
  3. Upload your proof of identity or proof of business documents to Veem before sending your first payment. 
  4. Send payments in your receiver's local currency. 
  5. If applicable, your receiver can choose to receive their payment to their debit card, almost instantly. See the full list of available countries here.

Note* - If you are sending domestic payments, you do have the option to send via Fast Transfer. See more about that here.

Learn how to track your payment to determine exactly when it will arrive.


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